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GTS Security Fraud Litigation

To assist us in our securities fraud litigation, filed in US federal court in New York City on 3 June 2002 against Amman, Lewis, Raclin and Schriesheim, I am seeking assistance from those with information about the activities of former GTS management over the past two years in "restructuring" the company and handing it over to KPNQwest in a prepackaged bankruptcy, in exchange for nearly $21 million in compensation to three of the four, and undisclosed compensation to Lewis.
I am particularly interested in the actions of Amman, Lewis, Schriesheim, Raclin, Von Deylen and others involved at the highest levels.
I am interested in details concerning the negotiation and approval (by the board of directors or the compensation committee????) of the vastly increased compensation to Amman, Schriesheim and Raclin, totaling nearly $21 million, as well as the compensation to Lewis and Von Deylen. I am interested in details of the negotiations with KPNQwest, dating back to at least June 2000.
I want to know more about the "debt-for-equity" swap negotiations in the spring and summer of 2001.
I want to know more about the NYSE delisting hearing in August 2001, and about the twice-cancelled (June 14, 2001 and September 5, 2001) annual shareholders' meeting, which was never held.

Anything anyone can provide, information, documents, theories, could be quite helpful.
Also, it may be possible to amend our complaint to add more plaintiffs, so I encourage former GTS shareholders, including former employees, to contact me to register their interest.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

David E. Kaplan
Member, Steering Committee
Global TeleSystems, Inc. Securities Fraud Litigation
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