07-Jun-2002 - To all ex-Ebone customers

Dear Ex-Ebone customer,

The employees of the company are determined to continue the occupation of the working place, with all support from the trade union. All Ex-Ebone employees were fired on Monday June 3rd. However, we volunteered to keep on operating the network.
This action is being taken to show solidarity towards the customers and to allow more time for a potential takeover.
The chance for a takeover is directly influenced by the possibility to show that our customers are ready to stay with us, keep using our network and services.
This means that we would like you to help us, by contacting the media and informing them about how we are necessary for you.
Please send us your feedback, by e-mail to support@save-ebone.com.
Be informed that your feedback will only be made public if you agree to it. http://www.save-ebone.com
The Ebone employees