KPNQwest Network Status Information
Updated: 19-07-2002

The network is at the moment operational, but no support is provided.

The KPNQwest Services Management Center is closed.

Originally we planned to shut down the KPNQwest international backbone atthe 19th of July. Since there is good progress with negotiations that canresult in a restart of the business we have not shut down the networkbut left it unmanaged instead. However from now there is no staff availablein the office to attend to customer issues.

KPNQwest filed for bankruptcy on 31 May 2002.

Financially supported by a Foundation, a team in KPNQwest kept the network up and running during the past period. The support existed of funding for repair actions in the network and funding of salaries of the staff in the 'skeleton' team.

The support of the Foundation stopped on Friday July 12th, at 23.00 hours. From that moment on there was no more funding for repair actions. Staff has been paid until July 19th and will solve issues on best effort basis. During this week you can already expect outages to happen that we cannot solve any more. At the end of this week we expect that larger parts of the network will be down.

We still hope that banks and administators can come to an agreement with a buyer that is interested in bigger parts of the network. If that happens services might continue to be provided in some manner.

If no agreement can be reached, the network will be shut down in a controlledand orderly manner, starting on Friday, 19-07-2002 at 11:00 European time.

Customers of some of the national (in-country) network organisations that didn't bankrupt should not be affected. Those organisations either continued to work alone, under the new name, or have been bought by other companies. The current status is:

Country AS Status Contact
AT 1901 Restarted as EUnet Austria
CH 1836 Acquired by Via Networks CH
CZ 1903 Still operational as a standalone business unit
DE 517 Insolvency proceedings ongoing until 1 September
EE 3327 Still operational as a standalone business unit
ES 2134 Bankrupted N/A
FI 790 Acquired by Jippii and renamed to EUnet Finland
FR 1899 Bankrupted N/A
IT 5602 Continues normal operations as COMM2000
NO 2116 Acquired by Catch Communications
PT 1897 Still operational as a standalone business unit
RO 5606 Still operational as a standalone business unit
SE 3220 Acquired by Internet5

To all our customers - many thanks for your support in these difficult times. Special thanks goes to KPN, for supporting the people in the Network Operations Center in The Hague during last weeks.

KPNQwest was the leading pan-European data communications and hosting company, delivering a full range of carrier and corporate networking solutions, hosting and Internet services across an 18 country 25,000 km European footprint, interoperable with the 300,000km Qwest global network. The company owned and operated the EuroRings(TM), the fastest, most advanced fibre-optic backbone in Europe, which connected 60 cities, 14 of them with extensive Metropolitan Area Networks, and a network of 28 ultra-secure hosting facilities, the KPNQwest CyberCentres(TM).

KPNQwest Services Management Center